GEMS Coil is a leader in U.S. electric coil manufacturing. We engineer and supply a full-range of electromagnetic coils for local and international organizations specializing in the OEM and heavy industry including steel, mining, rail, dredging and energy.

We’re also next door to our sister company, Illiana Industrial Electric Motor Service, a full-service 24-7 electric motor repair shop demanding our constant readiness to manufacture any coil and meet any need, even if it means reverse engineering a coil no longer in production.

GEMS Coil has built a long-standing & well-earned reputation based on the use of quality materials, superior workmanship, refined operating procedures and 24/7 accessibility.  We rely on these core values from our past as we focus on the material and technology of the future!

Whether it’s a 20,000 HP Synchronous or a Fractional HP Field Frame, our objective is to provide a turn-key solution.  From design to prototyping to manufacturing, our experts are focused on supplying high quality, electric coils in a timely method at an economic cost.

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Field Coils / Interpole Coils
Our veteran team, combined with current equipment, modern materials and up-to-date test methods, places our Field Coil Department a step above the competition.
Brake Coils
Sales, Repair and Rewind. Gary Electric stocks brake coils from multiple manufactures and offers the staunchest turnaround in the country on replacement shunt and series wound coils.





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Timely service is the lifeblood of today’s environment. As an associate in the supply chain, GEMS maintains that their success has come from the understanding of this philosophy.